What we are!!!

We’re a diverse group of individuals, families and businesses who enjoy motorized access to the great outdoors.  We support the idea of preserving our National Forests and BLM lands through a balanced multiple use approach.

Oh, and we have a great time doing it!

Mission Statement:

Our mission as an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) non-profit organization is to unite Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts and supporters in an environmentally friendly atmosphere by promoting an attitude of public service, volunteerism, and safe responsible OHV riding practices, “While Using Not Abusing Our Public Lands”.  We partner with Public Land Managers and other interested groups to encourage and practice the development and implementation of environmentally responsible methods for the construction, re-construction, preservation and maintenance of ATV/UTV/OHV trails and full-size vehicle 4X4 roads on the Western Slope of the State of Colorado.  We are strong advocates of the “Multiple Use” management philosophy of our Public Lands.


This web site will be under construction soon so that we can bring you more information about what we do and the many OHV trails in our area.

What we do!!!

We ride ATVs and snowmobiles for fun as our way to enjoy the public land.  We do NOT abuse these lands. Our policy is to take care of them so our children and grand children will be able to see them in any matter they choose.  We actively oppose any restrictions of access on our public lands when restrictions are implemented without compelling evidence and logical reasons.


Thunder Mountain Wheelers (TMW) of Delta Co. has for over 20 years been a partner with the federal agencies and the State in promoting opportunities for the use of trails for OHV’s 50” inches or less riding community. TMW members have actively participated in the development and implementation of many travel management plans, RMP’s, map development, installation and maintenance of trails, installations of signing and generally participating in the process to enhance and protect our <50” riding opportunities. Thunder Mountain Wheelers has literally contributed through the CPW grant process over $1.8 million dollars toward the sustainability and management of <50” or less trails.


Utilizing OHV grants from CPW along with grants from Polaris and Yamaha, TMW has adopted and maintained many trails and lakes on Colorado’s Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests which in turn makes for a memorable experience for all who enjoy our public lands.

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